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 The First Stop for Paralegals in the First State

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About the DPA

In 1976, a group of 16 paralegals assembled at what was then known as Prickett Ward Burt & Sanders to gauge the interest among paralegals to form an association in Delaware. As the structure and purpose of the association were to be determined by its participants, committees were appointed to research and advise on various factors including: forming a working relationship with the Delaware State Bar Association; contacting paralegals throughout the state to advise them of the newly forming association; and to develop an overall structure and function of the Association. In September of that year, 33 members were certified as "Charter" members of the Association.

The Association has grown steadily over the years and now boasts a membership of approximately 300 individuals. DPA continues to be the voice and advocate for paralegals in Delaware.



The mission of the Delaware Paralegal Association is to promote and maintain high standards and ethics in the profession, to provide a forum for the exchange of information about the profession, to enhance the role of paralegals in the legal community and to encourage the continuing legal education of paralegals.

DPA Presidents

 2023-Present  Heidi M. Coleman, DCP, AACP
 2020-2023  Stephanie A. McConaghy, DCP
 2018-2020  Michelle L. Granger, DCP 
 2017-2018  Rose L. Green, DCP
 2016-2017  Stephanie A. McConaghy, DCP
 2015-2016  Alyson D. Poppiti, DCP
 2013-2015  Shannon J. Hamlin, DCP
 2011-2013  AlysonD . Poppiti, DCP
 2009-2011  Anthony Iannini, AACP, DCP
 2007-2009  Rob Alloway, DCP
 2005-2007  Lisa Vest
 2003-2005  Laura Ahtes, RP
 2001-2003  Douglas A. Hyde, RP
 1998-2001  Karyn S. Osmundson
 1996-1998  Barbara S. Wallace, RP
 1993-1996  Siobain M. Perkins
 1991-1993  Kim D. Root
 1989-1991  Cyndy M. Osborne
 1988-1989  Jennifer Kenton (Binder)
 1986-1988  Catherine D. Ledyard
 1985-1986  Paula Witherow (Caputo)
 1982-1985  Karen H. Schiller
 1981-1982  Patricia Marinelli (Ward)
 1980-1981  Joni Peet
 1979-1980  Ann DeFelice
 1977-1979  Carolyn McKown, RP
 1976-1977  Elizabeth Curtis Swain
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